1st Conference on Medicine & Health Sciences

Call for Papers- CMHS 2018


Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of Jamhuriya University of Science & Technology (JUST) will be holding 1st Conference on Medicine & Health Sciences (CMHS) on 6th February, 2018. This is a forum where researchers and practitioners in the field of Health and related disciplines come together to interact and share their experience, knowledge and research findings.
This conference is geared to scientists, young researchers, practitioners and members of the public who have an interest in health and its service provision. Conference participants will represent national.
To this end, the faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is calling on individual researchers and scholars who have carried out research on health and its related disciplines to submit high quality oral and poster presentation abstracts.
The conference will be held every year to make it an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences related to the field.


 To bring together experts, policy leaders, health programmers, practitioners and service providers to interrogate and/or corroborate existing evidence and experiences on the importance of health research in improving the healthcare systems.
 To facilitate translation of research findings into policy and practice
 To provide a platform for researchers and the practitioners from both academia and industry to meet and share cutting-edge developments in the field of health.

The Benefits of this Conference for Researchers

- All accepted abstracts for CMHS-2018 will be published in the conference abstract book.
- All accepted articles will be reviewed by journal editorial board and will be published in the Somali Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences.
- All abstracts included in the conference will be published in the conference page of the university website.
- Participants will find opportunities to present new research, exchange information, and discuss current health issues.
- Awards will be given for the best oral presentation as well as best poster presentation.

Conference Format

The conference format includes keynote speeches, panel discussions and a variety of sideline sessions.

Conference Themes

- From public to private: How can Health systems adapt to a changing world?
- Will to establish health research initiatives towards sustainable health in Somalia

Abstract Submission

Authors are urged to follow the guidelines when developing and submitting their abstracts:
1. The abstract should not exceed 500 words.
2. Have a title, name(s) of author(s), author(s) affiliation, maximum five (5) key words and contacts (preferably email address) of the corresponding author.
3. Structured with introduction/background, aim/objective, methods/Materials, key findings, conclusion, and recommendation.
4. Should be in English.


Submitted abstracts are reviewed by members of an Abstract Review Committee (ARC). Made up of faculty from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and other scholars, Abstracts are accepted for oral and poster presentations. Presentations cover a wide range of topics from health and related disciplines.

Deadline for submission is November, 24th 2017
Authors are urged to submit abstracts through electronically via an online on the following addresses:-
Website: www. just.edu.so/cmhs
Email: cmhs@just.edu.so
The author(s) will be responsible for the preparation of an oral and/or poster presentation during the conference as determined by the Abstract Review Committee (ARC).
Oral presentations
Oral presentations shall be made in a 15 minute time limit.
Poster Presentations
1. Space will be reserved to display poster presentations.
2. Poster presentation will occur in a marketplace fashion, where all posters will be presented in a separate poster presentation session.
3. Poster presentation sessions will be included in the conference programme, and the author will be requested to be present during the allocated session.
4. The poster size should be 60cmx 85cm, landscape orientation.
5. Authors will be responsible for mounting posters, being available to discuss their exhibit, and removing posters.

Research Awards

The Abstract Review Committee judges oral and poster presentations for the quality of research, the importance of the topic, and the clarity and quality of the presentation and awards prizes.

Conference Registration

Registration opens on November 5th, 2017
Conference delegates are encouraged to register online.
NB: All Abstract presenters are expected to register!!!

Important Dates

Key Event Deadline
Abstract Submission Deadline 24th, November 2017
Notice of Abstract Acceptance 25th December 2017
Registration Deadline 1st  January 2018
Conference Date 6th February 2018