Teaching & Learning Performance Area

Enhance quality in teaching and learning, and extend the academic program level to include post graduate studies.


  • Review and update existing academic programs, policies, and procedures
  • Develop a rigorous system for teaching and assessing students performances
  • Create a research oriented academic culture
  • To ensure use of modern and appropriate instructional materials and methods
  • To enhance the existing practical labs
  • Hire academic professionals (national & expatriates)
  • Establish a University clinic for practicing medical students
  • Establish a library with 30,000 text books
  • Hold Capacity building trainings for academic staff
  • To establish a center for postgraduate studies.

Research & Development Performance Area

To enhance research capacity in the University departments


  • To Establish a center for research and statistics.
  • To  ensure  a  systematic  research  co-ordination  at  departmental,  Faculty  and university level
  • To establish an academic journal for local research publications
  • Motivate staff to do research through incentives

Governance and Management Performance Area

To improve organizational arrangement of the University to attain efficiency and effectiveness


  • To enhance recruitment and performance appraisal and promotion system at the University.
  • Enhance efficiency in better quality academic service.
  • To enhance efficiency and effectiveness of academic and nonacademic staff members.
  • Enhance Administrative structure for effective decision making.

Financial Resource Management Performance Area

To attain financial and operational self-sustainability and attract donations and seek support for University Programs.


  • To increase inflow of financial resources at the University.
  • To purchase more equipment and other supplies for the University.
  • To promote efficiency and transparency in financial budgeting and management at the University

Infrastructure & Physical Facilities Performance Area

To Secure adequate space facilities for offices, teaching, learning, research and other activities, Explore and attract local, national, and international (individual and corporate) funding for physical facilities


  • To acquire new land and other physical facilities.
  • To install and maintain modern ICT infrastructure
  • To promote sufficiency of modern equipment in all laboratories.

Admissions & Marketing Performance Area

To increase enrolled number of students who satisfy conditions set by the university admission policy and establish an effective public relations and Marketing management system.


  • To work closely with high/secondary school to facilitate the potential entrant the admission procedures.
  • Ensure the satisfaction throughout the course of study to retain the highest number of students possible
  • To promote positive public image of the University.
  • Revise & enforce the current university admission policies.
  • To prepare yearly marketing plans to attain better admission rate.

Social Responsibility & Community Service Performance Area

Cultivate a social responsibility culture in JUST


  • To participate in activities for social welfare
  • Provide free scholarships for those who cannot afford tuition fees

External relations & Collaborative Linkages Performance Area

To establish strong collaborative relationships with National and international Institutions and organizations, and strengthen the links with International Institutions in the area of staff exchange and research & development


  • To Join National, Regional and International  Universities Unions.
  • Establish links with donor community.
  • To Sign Collaborative agreements with Local and International academic Intuitions.