20 Oct 2017

3rd Jamhuriya Cultural Day Activities Concluded

Somalia has often been referred to as a “Nation of Poets”, which indicates how passionate we love our historic culture and we (Jamhuriya University) are one of that Nation of Poets.

J-Day which means Jamhuriya-Day is 2 days of cultural festivals that our students perform:

  • Somali cultural cuisine
  • Somali Culture
  • Tradition and Culture(Hiddo iyo Dhaqan)
  • Cultural Dances and Poets and many more.

J-Day is an extracurricular activities and the main purpose of this J-Day is to encourage the young students to learn their culture and do not forget to their roots.

J-Day contains two days of events

  • Day one: Competitors from inter faculty students perform cultural dances and cultural games and finally the winners of the cultural games are awarded to special prizes.
  • Day two: which is the main event of J-DAY, the God –Given talent students perform Poets, cultural cuisine, cultural art craft, Debates, Public Speaking and other computations and students who won are awarded to special prizes.

On this occasion we award the students in academics, culture and Innovations and the awards include:


  1. Faculty of The Year Award
  2. Best Seminar Award
  3. Student of Year Male/Female Award
  4. Best Research Paper Award


  1. J Day Hall Decoration Award
  2. J Day Cultural Artifacts Award
  3. J Day Traditional Food Award
  4. Best Male Poem Award
  5. Best Female Poem Award


  1. Entrepreneurship award
  2. Social Responsibility Award
  3. Innovative Activity Award
  4. Class Innovation Award
  5. Innovator of The Year Award and many more

Finally, the J-D event concludes the motivate speech represented by the president of the university.