Faculty of Economics & Management

Hello and welcome.

It is an honor and a privilege for me to welcome you to Faculty of Economics & Management at Jamhuriya University of Science & Technology (JUST).

The faculty of Economics & Management is known for innovative, high quality academic programs and closer corporate relationships. The faculty has also  real and practical ambitions for the near and the long term future, these ambitions include producing academicians and practitioners in the field of management and social sciences and introducing basic research to all of our teachings and learning programs.

Since its founding, the faculty has prided itself on a deep and abiding commitment to excellence. In keeping with JUST motto “Home of Quality Education”, we endeavor to provide each student with a comprehensive education in the arts of creativity, critical thinking, innovation and the expression of complex ideas.

The faculty students will experience a wide range of academic text, case studies and visits to our corporate partner businesses. During the study in the faculty the student will get knowledge, understanding and wisdom to face the real life challenges during and after graduation as he/she will meet lecturers with corporate experience and academic excellence.

The skills developed in the faculty help our students find placement in a diverse range of fields after graduation. Faculty graduates currently have successful careers in both public and private sector industries such as government institutions, finance & banking, teaching, media, and more.

We also have close working relationships with several key businesses, these relationships present important internship opportunities to our current and prospective students to learn real world business practices.

Among the many careers opportunities for faculty graduates are:

Public Service Economist General Economist
Personnel Manager Financial Analyst
Logistics Manager General Manager
Supply Chain Manager CEO

The faculty currently offers the following specializations .

Program Duration
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 4 Years
Bachelor of Science in Accounting & Finance 4 Years
Bachelor of Science in Public Administration 4 Years

We are honored to welcome you to join us, and you will enjoy during your stay.

For Further information, please contact us at ecom@just.edu.so

Abdiwahab Abdullahi Elmi

The dean


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