| Welcome to the faculty of Engineering

Engineering is among the most exciting and challenging areas of scientific subjects and is the key disciplines driving a highly technological society. Engineers have no doubt been the instruments for the evolution of technology by being able to effectively apply and integrate fundamental concepts and knowledge from various related disciplines. They lead in creating new ideas, innovations, designs and developments of new products.
Our B.Sc. program in Electrical, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering and Civil Engineering concentrates extensively cutting-edge teaching, learning and laboratory facilities that are integrated into the excellent campus with facilities and services offered by the University. The faculty basically consists of the following areas of specializations but not limited to:

Department of Civil Engineering
Department of Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
Department of Power Engineering

We are honored to welcome you to join us, and you will enjoy during your stay.Engineering is one of the top-growing fields, engineering that our current and prospective students can foster their skills with the expanse of resources provided in the state-of-the-art Engineering Faculty. JUST has one of the most comprehensive engineering Faculty in the country, and nearly 100 percent of the graduate students receive jobs in the field after graduating.

For Further information, please contact us at engineering@just.edu.so

Abdalla Sh.Mohamed Abdirahman

The dean