17 Jun 2018

JUST Holds the 1st Conference on Medicine & Health Sciences

The Conference on Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS-2018) was the first conference of its kind by Jamhuriya University of Science & Technology. Attended by 200 from universities, hospitals, the government, civil society, researchers, and academicians, the conference featured many topics specific to Somalia, and the theme was “a will to establish health research initiatives toward sustainable health in Somalia”.
Four keynote speeches were given, highlighting topics such as modernization of health institutions in Somalia, misconceptions in surgical infections and their consequences, from humanitarian and post conflict to health system building, and Somali national health information systems.

Focusing more locally, CMHS-2018 delegates shared their experiences from the front lines
of local medical practices with major emphasis on an accelerated research toward sustainable health in the country. There was a consensus for the need of a shift from anecdotal, do-it-yourself approach which is now common in today’s health and medicine in the country to an empirical, research-based practice possibly led by higher education institutions. Another area of interest throughout the conference was an encouragement and training of local young researchers so that they take part in the dissemination and creation of knowledge.

“Ministry of Health without research is just nothing”, said Dr. Abdi A. Gele, head of center for Minority Health Research, Norwegian Institute of Public Health. The professor who was a keynote speaker in the conference also emphasized the importance of making research as integral part of the function of the universities.

Click the link below to download the conference report

Conference Report – 1st Conference on Medicine & Health Sciences (CMHS-2018)