03 Mar 2019

JUST President Attends SomaliREN Annual Board Meeting

The president of Jamhuriya University of Science and Technology (JUST), Eng Mohamed Ahmed Mohamud attended the SomaliREN Annual Board meeting held in Nairobi, Kenya from 12th to 14th February. Apart from SomaliREN directorate, the meeting was attended by the member universities. The main areas discussed during the meeting includes, digital transformation, research & development, curriculum development as well as SomaliREN’s future plans of the following years and its partner universities.

The discussion noted the significance of digital transformation to integrate all the areas of the universities and the departments into digital technology to adopt the 21st century learning design that promotes maximum utilization of modern teaching technologies and other facilities. The digital transformation changes the universities’ core operations to better meet the needs of the society by leveraging technology.

The other issue addressed during the meeting was the internet connectivity in the universities’ campuses to promote research & development. It was addressed that the lack of high speed internet connectivity is major challenge that the local universities are experiencing today. Therefore to overcome such challenge, SomaliREN and the partner universities agreed to initiate firm collaboration on the areas of internet connectivity and research & development.

In conclusion, SomaliREN and the participating universities underscored the importance digital transformation, high speed and reliable internet connectivity in the universities to facilitate research and development, solid collaboration between SomaliREN and the universities to enhance the higher education system through research.