06 Aug 2019

JUST signs MOU with Mogadishu University

Jamhuriya University of Science and Technology and Mogadishu University signed a collaboration agreement today that would open the door for future collaborations in education, research and experience exchange at Mogadishu University Administration Campus.
This agreement signals a fresh exuberant commitment and tightens the bond between both universities. The agreement has been signed by the president of JUST University, Eng Mohamed Ahmed Mohamud and his counterpart Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Mursal, of Mogadishu University. Their meeting was accompanied by the two presidents’ cabinet.

As of Monday’s meeting, the two institutions agreed mainly to collaborate in scientific research and knowledge exchange which will enable both universities to gain better educational systems. This meeting has been warmly welcomed by both universities.

Lastly, the president and his cabinet made a tour to the offices of the University in which makes an interactive and dynamic relationship between them.