11 Feb 2019

JUST University Holds 2nd CMHS2019 Conference

Jamhuriya University of Science and Technology held 2nd Conference on Medicine & Health Sciences (CMHS2019). The Conference was held in Jazeera Palace Hotel, Mogadishu. The theme of the conference was: ‘Cultivating Medical Research Talents for Better Social Health Status’. There were four keynote speakers and addressed on the following areas:

  1. Maternal Health in Somalia: Setting our priorities right
  2. Improvements of the local health care services in Somalia: Managing difficult cases, Surgical Jaundice as an example
  3. How does Somalia Build Strong Academic and Government Institutions for Quality Health care and Education for its Citizens.
  4. Somali Health Sector Reform: Challenges and Opportunities and the Role of Academics in the Health Sector Reform

Apart from the four keynote speeches, there were 32 submissions. Each submission was reviewed by 6 review committee members. The committee made a decision to accept 24 papers and then the papers were categorized into oral and poster presentations where 16 papers were orally presented and 8 were poster presentations. Most of the researches addressed the challenges that are currently faced by Somali people such as mother and child mortality rates which have been the major health challenges since the central government of Somalia collapsed in 1991.

There were 200 participants in the conference including government officials, researchers, health professionals, healthcare workers, and academicians, medical experts from different hospitals, research institutions and universities and students in medicine and health sciences.

Thanks to all the health science professionals and the researchers who are working to improve the health care system of Somalia by providing evidence-based data. We were also delighted to have such interest and participation from government, health authorities, and researchers. Thank you to everyone for your thoughtful contributions to this important conference. We hope that the conference contributes to the ongoing improvement by the ministry of Health and Human Services that includes health care systems and engaging the public to live a healthier life.