Post Graduate Diploma in Statistics and Research


The Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics and Research (PGDip StatRes) is a one-year program with 22 credits of coursework and 8 credits of a research project. The objective of the program is to produce graduates who are knowledgeable and skillful in statistics and research and to offer a chance for further studies and career development in these fields.


• Train students to solve practical real-world statistical problems.
• Provide students with knowledge, skills, and experience of research
• Acquire data analysis techniques, implement the analysis on a computer through statistical packages, and communicate the results clearly and concisely.
• Study fundamental principles of statistical inference.
• Develop capabilities across the spectrum of research methods, with the capacity to apply statistical tools to research.


At the end of the program students will be able to:
• Use accurate statistical models to describe real-life situations, when applicable.
• Perform data management using different statistical packages.
• Develop practical academic writing skills.
• Write effective project proposal according to the specified guidelines.
• Organize information effectively and present the proposal with confidence
• Understand the role of Inferential Statistics.
• Decide the suitable survey methodology and sample size for a survey.
•Apply qualitative research methods by using the appropriate methodology in each real-life situation.
• Use the concept of correlation and concept of regression modelling.
• Prepare a research project in a chosen topic using available sources with the guidance of a supervisor


Applicants should have a degree or equivalent qualification and have studied basic mathematics and statistics.


― One time registration fee: $50
― Tuition Fee: $240 / semester


The program comprises of three semesters.
Semester I
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
STAT 100 Descriptive Statistics & Probability Theory 3
PWS 120 Academic Writing Skills 3
ARM 110 Applied Research Methodology 3
Semester II
STAT 101 Statistical Inference 3
ARM 111 Qualitative Research Methods 3
ARM 111 Research Seminars 2
Semester III
STAT 103 Applied Regression Analysis 3
RPS 121 Writing Research Project & Presentation Skills 2
ARM 113 Independent Study (Project For PGD_StatRes) 8