Excellence in Education

The Teaching and learning process is the backbone for any academic institution. Jamhuriya University is determined to do any possibility to direct its resources towards the achievement of academic excellence. To do so, the following objectives were identified.

Objective 1

To enhance quality in teaching & learning thru ACRED. & program assessments.

Objective 2

To improve teaching and learning resources

Objective 3

To upgrade teaching Staff through development programs

Objective 4

To enhance Student experience.


  1. Review and update existing academic programs, policies, and procedures to ensure that they are up to the requirements of the nation with the ever-renewing challenges and changing environment.
  2. Invite external subject matter experts to evaluate the overall university and its academic programs.
  3. Prepare progression pathways for undergraduate students to postgraduate education.
  4. Ensure use of state-of-the-art and appropriate instructional materials and methods in the context of modern technology.
  5. Enhance the existing practical labs and equip them with more advanced tools and technologies.
  6. Develop the university library with digital resources.
  7. Increase the number of fulltime academic staff.
  8. Regularly train lecturers and help them pursue postgraduate studies.
  9. Enhance students’ learning experience with internships, field trips and industry attachments.
  10. Widen student access to knowledge and their awareness towards applying it to real life problems.
  11. Develop a rigorous system for teaching and assessing students’ performances in accordance with the vision of the university, keeping in mind the needs and the expectations of the
  12. Widen students’ experience through local and international academic exchange programs.
  13. Establish centers for international exams delivery and certifications.
  14. Increase graduates’ employability opportunities by integrating professional skills training into academic programs.

Excellence in Education Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  1. Have an institutional accreditation nationally and regionally and assess academic programs for specific program accreditations.
  2. Build 6 new labs for the various departments and improve the existing ones.
  3. Increase the number of full-time lecturers by 5% annually and increase the number of PhDs by 20% in five years.
  4. Send 20 full-time academic staff to postgraduate studies in five years.
  5. Ensure that all graduating students receive internships, industry attachments, and field trips to enhance their experience.
  6. Facilitate top performing students get into academic exchange programs locally and internationally wherever possible.