Excellence in Research & Innovation

No one can exaggerate the important for research and innovation for higher education institutions. Research and innovation are among the main identifiers for higher education and their absence or weakness can have a significant negative impact on the institutional reputation, hence to achieve its vision of becoming a research university, JUST has identified the following objectives:

Objective 1

To boost research capacity in the University departments.

Objective 2

To enhance the academic research culture and forge research and innovation partnerships.


  1. To establish centers of excellence in research and innovation
  2. To motivate full time lecturers to publish academic research articles in both local and international journals.
  3. To train the staff on academic research publication tools.
  4. To create and promote joint research collaborations with local and
    international partners
  5. To boost students’ and lecturer’s innovative activities morally and materially.
  6. To seek opportunities for research grants from national and international
    fund providers.

Excellence in Research and Innovation KPI

  1. A functional center of excellence in research & innovation which co-ordinates the research activities and holds necessary trainings for enhancing the research capacity of JUST community members.
  2. Setting a minimum level of research activities for students and minimum level of research publications for faculty staff.
  3. The embedment research education and training in all academic department of the university.
  4. Supported number of innovative projects and activities
    proposed by students and academics