Good Governance and Management

The Institutional capacity and the ability of manifesting efficiency is the spring stage to JUST final goals of improving the overall performance of the university; the following objective was identified for Good Governance and Management Goal:


To improve organizational structure and activities of the University to attain efficiency and effectiveness.


  1. Enhance recruitment and performance appraisal and promotion system at the University.
  2. Boost efficiency and effectiveness of academic and nonacademic staff members.
  3. Enhance Administrative structure for effective decision making.
  4. Enhance efficiency for achieving better quality academic service.
  5. Incorporate checks and balance to ensure transparency and accountability in the university activities

Good Governance and Management KPI

  1. Reduction of the management team teaching workload by 20% to focus on more futuristically important tasks and streamline the daily routines for better performance.
  2. Institutional efficiency will be measured by the percentage of activities that are performed according to the plan.
  3. The percentage of employees who say that they are satisfied
    with their status in JUST