Infrastructure and Physical Facilities

The sustainability and proper functionality of any institution heavily depends on the on its physical location as well supporting infrastructure available. The following objectives were identified for Infrastructure & Physical Facilities KPA:

Objective 1

To secure adequate space facilities for offices, teaching,
learning, research and other activities.

Objective 2

To explore and attract local, national, and international
(individual and corporate) funding for physical facilities.


  1. Develop state-of-the-art campus in the university’s existing lands
  2. Acquire city campus in Mogadishu
  3. Prepare fund-raising proposals for university infrastructure.
  4. Install and maintain modern ICT infrastructure

Infrastructure and Physical Facilities KPI

  1. Develop existing university lands
  2. A university city campus in Mogadishu
  3. Acquire broadband internet for teaching and learning.
  4. Fully integrated information systems