Relations and Partnerships

No Institution exists in its own world, so collaborative links are important for any institution in general and academic institutions in particular, so JUST is in need for partnerships and other links at various levels (local, regional and international) . The following objectives were identified for relations & partnerships KPA.

Objective 1

To establish strong collaborative relationships with National and international Institutions and organizations.

Objective 2

To reinforce the relations with International universities in
the area of staff exchange, research and development.


  1. Sign MOUs and MOAs with local and international higher Ed institutions
  2. Join local, regional and international research and academic organizations.
  3. Increase university visibility, and brand identity.
  4. Establish the university alumni association to increase alumni engagement and participation in university activities.

Relations and Partnerships KPI

  1. Join the international association of universities (IAU) and Association of African Universities (AAU).
  2. Conduct student exchange programs with affiliate institutions.
  3. Establish links with donor community
  4. Establish relations with universities in the countries where majority of Somali students go for higher education purposes.