Strategic Enrollment Growth

The admission growth rate of any academic institution can be considered as one of its vital signs. The number of students seeking admission is one of the indicators for success or the failure. The admission is closely related with the marking and brand identity efforts of the university. The following objectives were identified for Strategic Enrollment Growth KPA:

Objective 1

To increase number of enrolled students who satisfy the
conditions set by the university admission policy.

Objective 2

To establish an effective public relations and Marketing


  1. Support student enrollment growth through introduction and development of academic programs which match the labor market needs.
  2. Set a targeted marketing strategy focusing students graduating from regional schools.
  3. Develop traditional and digital marketing tools to reach prospective students.
  4. Provide students with support and counseling to reduce student
    dropout rates

Strategic Enrollment Growth KPI

  1. Offer new undergrad and post grad programs
  2. Increase student enrollment by 10% each year.
  3. Increase university engagement in social media platforms.